Classic Vanilla - Simple vanilla cake.  A classic that can be topped with any flavor buttercream.

Black Magic - Rich chocolate cake with an extra light and fluffy buttercream.

Double Chocolate - Coffee enhanced dark chocolate cake with decadent whipped ganache.

Wedding Cake - Traditional White Almond Sour Cream cake with simple vanilla buttercream.

Carrot - My most popular by far!  Amazing carrot cake sits under a Chai Tea spiced frosting.  Dairy Free

Hummingbird - A traditional cake of the south, with fresh bananas, pineapple and walnuts topped with cream cheese frosting.

Lemon - Moist lemon cake with a tart, fresh lemon buttercream.

Pina Colada - Fresh pineapple cake with coconut buttercream.

Funfetti - The same classic vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles throughout the batter.


Strawberry Cake - Grandma Berry's recipe with fresh strawberry buttercream.


Sweet Potato - Dense sweet potato cake with a not too sweet cream cheese buttercream.

Banana Split - Fresh banana cake topped with strawberry buttercream, ganache, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry.

Orange Crush - Bright orange flavor comes to life in this delicious cake frosted with orange buttercream.

Red Velvet - Traditional buttermilk cake with a touch of cocoa, cream cheese buttercream.

Not all flavors are available on a daily basis.  Call for availability or for a quote on a special order.